Apple iPhone release are always deal breaking in area of features if I compare it with any of the smartphone companies such as Samsung, Sony etc. I’m not Cursing any of them being not that good compared to iPhone but with iPhone’s the main thing i like is they deliver things that actually work without any faults and failure be it performance with hardware or features. If we compare the benchmarking then no one beats iPhone performance.

As we all are waiting for the 10th edition of iPhone some of the rumors from Deutsche Bank says that we have to wait for another one year to see product in our hands. Earlier with another rumour we heard that due to the difficulty in getting parts specially designed for the iPhone 8 is causing the delay moreover since the 10th anniversary iPhone will come with wireless charging they have to figure out the heating issue.

So what do you think what would be the new iPhone name can it be simply “iPhone 8” or “iPhone 7S” or “iPhone Edition X” or simply the iPhone. I can say the company simply would not choose the 7S as the name for the 10th anniversary iPhone so chances of being it called as “iPhone 8” and “iPhone X” or “iPhone”(which I prefer). We have to wait till we got any more confirmation on the new iPhone.

Lets checkout the Specs –


It is rumoured that the new anniversary edition will be a edge-to-edge OLED display with True Tone technology and curved in shape. Yes, by seeing the new MacBook pro they released we can figure it out that apple is working out on reducing the screen to body ration on its products.

So this leak with the new iPhone is possible and will be highly appreciated by the people. but as the screen to body ratio goes down the screen is more susceptible to grass break on slight falls so lets see how apple bona deal with this since the always take care of slight falls and usually iPhone devices survive simple falls.

2-Touch ID and Iris Scanner

The new iPhone will have TouchID integrated on the home screen itself as we have seen in the leaked images and i’m more curious how they achieved that but since apple is known for its delivering unachievable things to market.

I think they have managed to do it somehow but i don’t think they’ll include iris scanning in this new model. I see no purpose of having two different but similar use case solving thing in a device since its also possible they might use this with the apple wallet to secure thing.

3- Wireless charging

This feature is much appreciated as with the need of mobile device to use is higher than laptops and desktops so with wirelesses charging we have the capability of using it more frequently without being worried about the charging cables.

Moreover I have seen experimental videos where people are using wireless charging in iPhone 7 and as per rumours the anniversary iPhone has to deal with heating issues arise in wireless charging and it may also be one of the reasons why there is a delay in iPhone release this year.


It is also rumoured that the new iPhone will have Dual-lens camera similarly like iPhone 7 Plus but in a vertical fashion. I’m not surprised as the new camera in iPhone 7plus is amazing and allow you to capture images in true HD. And changing orientation maybe the change in the inside boilerplate of design.

It is also being rumoured that the new iPhone will have the AR capabilities. For that we have to wait and see if any other rumours confirm this.


The new iPhone will have 64GB of storage and 3GB of RAM. I think its required since with upgraded features and camera the storage requirements goes for 64GB and they like to keep the RAM to 3GB similar to iPhone 7plus.

Some more rumours with the anniversary iPhone suggest features that I don’t believe will occur but for your information I’would like to point out as – Some suggest that the new iPhone will have fingerprint sensor on the back side of the iPhone which i think will look bad or not even considering, another rumour suggest USB-C charging replacing lightning connector.

We’re still not sure what would the new iPhone will look like and what features it might offer yet we might want some feature in the 10th anniversary iPhone as it will be the 10th edition in iPhone series.Lets Hope for the Best. Fingers Crossed.