Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is quite related but somewhat different.These two come up usually together but ends up confusing the person with less information.But the difference is worth and major explaining.We’ll discuss about this in the blog.Both AR & VR earning a lots of media attention and are promising tremendous growth.
What is VR ?
VR is a virtual space that end users can easily interact with.This virtual world is created in suvh a way that user can’t feel the difference b/w what is real and what is not.VR is usually achieved by the wearing of a VR helmet or goggles similar to the Oculus Rift.In other words, bring user some place else. VR blocks out the room and puts our presence elsewhere.Putting a VR headset over your eyes will leave you blind to the current world, but will expand your senses with experiences within.
Virtual reality is possible through a coding language known as VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) which can be used to create a series of images, and specify what types of interactions are possible for them.Put simply, VR refers to any technology that completely replaces what your eyes can see with something else. As you move your head, the image moves just as it should in real life, but the images you see are very different from the world around you.
What is AR ?
Augmented reality however, takes our current reality and adds something to it. It does not move us elsewhere.Samsung is near ready to introduce its Monitor less AR glasses, which would connect to phones or PCs via WIFI and replace the screen on those devices.AR provides more freedom for the user, and more possibilities for marketers because it does not need to be a head-mounted display.Many existing smartphone apps also make use of AR.
What is the real difference?
Think of Scua Diving vs. going to the aquarium.With virtual reality, you can swim with sharks. And with augmented reality, you can watch a shark pop out of your business card.I hope this simple example will help you better understand the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.