For car nerds like myself, the automotive experience has evolved rapidly in the past decade, with all manner of modern features from on-board Wi-Fi and portable device integration to automated parking.These automated brakes are the future of road safety.Volvo trucks have come up with an amazing automatic braking system.
Now the self-driving segment of the market is quickly taking shape.  Volvo is raising the bar big time with some rad autonomous features in semi-trucks.Imagine a big-rig, loaded with cargo, barreling down the road in traffic. What happens if the driver falls asleep or becomes incapacitated?  Huge crash, people are injured or killed. We’ve seen it many times on roads all over the world.These trucks have the capablity which can automatically stop as a vehicle suddenly comes onto its way.A collision warning keeps an eye out at any vehicle up ahead.Then,a display pops out suddenly on dashboard and alarm starts ringing.If any of the vehicle appears too close,the early braking sytem automatically kicks in.This is not only possible with empty truck,also possibe with truck is fully loaded with tons of cargo.And it suddenly stops by itself as it sees a car ahead of it.This technology has been only developed for volvo semi trucks yet.
Volvo Trucks Global has developed a system that could prevent tragic accidents like those with its Collision Warning/Early Braking system.The technology has been developed specifically for Volvo semi-trucks, and the result is mind-boggling.For making this achievement a block buster execution,The system uses radar and a camera to detect vehicles in front of the truck and alert the driver of danger with a flashing light and alarm tone. If the driver does not respond to a potential rear-end situation, the system will apply the brakes to avoid a crash.This is the good example of automation.
Benefits of Automated Brakes
1. Increase in accuracy and repeat ability
2. Less human error
3. Less employee costs
4. Increased safety
While automation has become a resource for remaining competitive in the manufacturing industry, there are definitely some factors to be considered in order to be competitive and to get a return on the investment. Depending on the operations, automation may or may not be a good fit.But above mentioned type of automation is always good,which helps in reduction of accidents and save lives.