Blue Brain,is the first achievement towards virtual brain which attempts to use reverse engineering the mammals brain.This aims to understand the operating the brain and dysfunction of brain through detailed simulations.Blue Brain means a machine that can function same as human brain.Human Brain is called the most intelligent creature,and now IBM is trying to make blue brain(virtual brain).It would be the worlds first virtual brain.
What all can Blue Brain do ?
1. It can think.
2. It can response.
3. It can memorize(keep things in memory).
4. It can take decisions.
Why we need Blue Brain ?
1. Even after the death of a man his intelligence can be used.
2. The activity of different animals can be understood. That means by interpretation of the electric impulses from the brain of the animals, their thinking can be understood easily.
3. To upload the content of natural brain into it.
4. To keep the knowledge,intelligence and skills forever of any person.
5. Remember things without any efforts.
A very good example of utilization of Blue Brain is “short term memory loss” cases.In some of the movies,we have noticed a person might be having short term memories.Another situation is when you become old and you started forgetting things,in this case blue brain can help.Blue Brain is a supercomputer program that performs 22.8 trillion operations per second to simulate a tiny bit of rat brain.The Blue Brain system is possible only with the avail of supercomputers.