Snapchat is a social networking mobile application, which involves the exchange of images and live stories around the world. Snapchat is very popular among teens because of filters and the trophies, trophies creates a mindset among users to earn more. People use snapchat as it feels lively and more connected to the friends.

Snapchat users in india were growing by leaps and bounds. But the statement given by Snapchat Ceo “India too poor to consider expansion“,made the users let down.

Firstly, no one has the rights to call any country poor, country is not poor but it seems thoughts are poor.

Secondly, this app is specifically for rich people. Can they explain who are rich people.

Snapchat Ceo should know that india is second largest smartphone market in world.The app is said too have 4 million users in India but now we Indians will follow tags #boycottSnapchat #UninstallSnapchat.


Earlier snapchat has 4 ratings in app store,now it has been degraded too 1 star.
If ceo doesn’t want to expand in poor countries, then why this app is free in app store ? Why didn’t he put any charges ?