Have you ever thought of being a judge ? A judge presides over court proceedings either alone or as a part of a panel of judges. There may be various situations in our lives in which our judgement needs to be expressed. But this is as simple as the situations we come across everyday when it comes to judging serious crimes ? It has been a very controversial issue whether there must be fixed punishments for each type of crime or not ? I personally believe that the scenario and the encouragement of one’s fallacy should be considered when fixating on a nemeses.As there are a lot of crimes in which criminal is not even guilty.

On one hand, a group of people believe that punishments for any crime ought to be fixed without even enquiring about the crimes motive.They state that if the individual knows there is a severe punishment even for the small crimes,they are hindered and will never commit any crime again.Therefore,the violence and the crime rates will decline which will lead to us a better society. For example, The punishment in Saudi Arabia is that the robber’s hands will be cut irrespective of what he has stolen a ring or a bank or a very small thing.

As every coin has two sides,the other folk of people argues that the situation of a person who commits a crime should be investigated and the motivation should be taken into consideration when sentencing a criminal any sort of  punishment. As there are situations in which crime is not done deliberately,in the case of self defense activities etc. For example, in a rape case the killer might be a victim and the act of a murderer was done in case of a self defense. Here, the judge is who can decide the best penalty considering a situation.

In the end, I would like to mention that even though fixed punishments can be very beneficial for a safer society and decreases crime rate.The Justice System should be flexible enough towards certain crimes,considering there might be a situation for providing an appropriate verdict. As their verdict will change the the life of criminal based on his/her decision