Presently, English is accepted as worldwide language and undeniably learning English is need of an hour in this throat competitive era but some people ignore to learn their domestic languages in contrast with English,which becomes irrelevant for the local people.

English being one of the major language used for communication in the world,it allows people to migrate throughout the world for education,business and tourism purposes.Therefore,they must be familiar with English.It’s same for the people who arrived from different countries for tourism and business should know English so that business partner from native country can communicate easily.Here,English plays a vital role as it builds up a bridge between two people from different countries or states with different language.

On,the other hand domestic language creates harmony and bonding between the local people.It also helps in the continuation of local traditions.culture and vital values. For instance,”Bhangra” a Punjabi folk dance can not be performed on Engish Beats.Now a days, most of Indian Schools does not include local languages in their syllabus and the students remain untouched from their native language and as a result,they are unable to understand their own culture and language.

In my opinion, both aspects have their own significance and necessity. Undeniably,English is an international language and is required at every aspect of life. However,domestic language helps the people to stay connected to their roots move effectively. Schools should pay proper attention towards both the languages. Thus advantages can be taken from both the languages.