From tech magazines to fitness forums, people are all talking about the latest fitness bands which helps you to monitor your activities easily and with accuracy.It helps you to track your daily routine and usually sleep analysis.The inactivity leads to various health problems.Depending on the tracker/band, we can track number of steps, distance travelled, calories intake, heart rate and even sleep.Some even offer GPS tracking.The fitness band are also known as activity trackers or smart watches.Most of the people feel disappointed about the obesity, so these trackers keeps you motivated towards work out.Let’s discuss them one by one.
Fitbit Charge
Fitbit motivates you to reach your health and fitness goals by tracking your activity, exercise, sleep, weight and more.Monitor heart rate automatically and continuously right on your wrist.It can Sync stats wirelessly and automatically to your computer and over 150 leading can also Track workouts, heart rate, distance, calories burned, floors climbed, active minutes and steps.
Before buying this product, keep these things in mind :
1. Device Compatibility
Not supported on Windows XP (but is supported on iOS, Android, or Windows phone)
2.Water Absorbant
Many people felt disappointed when Fitbit Charge is still not waterproof. That means you can’t take it for swimming. For long use, you should take it off when showering. But rest assure that it can withstand hand washing and water spraying.
3.Battery Life & Charging
The battery usually resists for 5 days.
4.Dependent on Smartphone
Fitbit depends on the smartphone-location data so for running or cycling, you still need to bring along your smartphone to track the route.
4. Little change in Accuracy
It doesn’t track all steps.let’s say if i am pushing a cart, for instance, the steps won’t register (because my wrist is still) so it’s not always accurate. It’s not a big deal, but it’s a bummer when I use my treadmill desk because it doesn’t count all those steps when I’m typing!
Apple iWatch
Wearables are still very much in their infancy, especially as Apple only launched the iWatch in the UK back in April.Another subtle benefit to wearing the iWatch when paired with your iPhone is the watch can display iPhone notifications.
Some of the cons of iWatch are:
1. Limited functions when not paired with iPhone.
To get most out of the iWatch it needs to be connected to the iPhone, e.g. the GPS runs from your phone.Another ideal function would be to pair earphones via bluetooth and listen to your music while exercising, this isn’t an option either. As at the moment the best way I can describe the iWatch is as a remote. If your phone is nearby you can configure the iWatch to do certain commands, e.g. change track, turn the volume up etc. But it doesn’t do much in isolation at this stage which limits its potential utility.
2. No sleep tracking
you can’t wear the watch while it charges at night, so forget sleep tracking.
3. Battery life
Every day, we are already pissed off charging the smartphone battery, tablet battery and even the laptop battery who needs a watch that needs charging everyday! iWatch needs to be charged every night on normal usage and even early on intense use like sports activity tracking. A big NO from most people. There are devices like Pebble, which runs for seven days straight.
All of your iPhone notifications are visible for all and sundry to see on your wrist: learn to use those privacy settings fast.
At $350, it’s a bit overpriced considering the plethora of options that are out there and many of them more functional at fraction of cost. Many which are more beautiful at similar price. Price wise, Apple is not price-wise.
Mi band
Mi band is another fitness band launched by Xiaomi, not highly priced as compared to others is a good option to purchase.It supports multi platforms both Android and iOS. The battery also usually resists for 20-30 days.
There are some issues you keep in mind while purchasing this tracker:
1. Supports no Elevation
I feel the main disadvantage  is that it does not take into consideration the elevation of your movement. If you walk up a flight of  stairs, the device still considers it as a displacement of 10 steps horizontally. So the number of calories in this case is underestimated.
2.Lack of Display
Another disadvantage is the lack of display, which I personally feel is fine to live with as you can get all the details of your activities on your phone. You really can’t expect them to add a display for a device priced as lowly as Rs 800 ($13).
3.No time display
There’s no clue of time in mi band as compared to other trackers.Display can be hard to read outside
4. Inconsistent heart rate monitor
While monitoring Heart rate you have to keep it tight with hand else it would give “X” mark which means heart rate monitoring failed.
Gives exact sleep time but inaccurate wake-up time.