In the previous Blog,we studied about the features of google analytics,best SEO Google Analytics .In this one,we will learn how to integrate website with google analytics.
2. Go to Admin Tab and click on new Account.Select an option whatever you would like to track either website or mobile.In this case,we will choose website.
3. Set up your account name as well as website’s name.Enter your website URL as well.In my case, it is
4. Select your industry category,means your website belongs to which specify industry.
5. Choose your Reporting Time Zone as of your country.
6. Scroll Down and click on Button ‘Get your tracking Id’. After clicking on this,it will give you your website’s tracking Id.Keep it safe with you,it’ll be required afterwards.
All done on google Analytics, last step is to link your website to google analytics.Let’s say you have your website over Download plugin Google Analytics and that will ask your google account and tracking Id Here you generated on step6.
The plugin in my is Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights .
In the above mentioned picture,you need to select the tracking id from the drop down menu. I selected All Web Site Data related to my tracking id. After that the plugin has installed successfully.
By which,we mean the google analytics will be able to display data related to my website.
You can make changes according to your requirement in the installed plugin and can save the changes.
The data has started displaying in our google analytics.