It’s mandatory for programmers to stay tuned with the enhancements in the languages as the technology is emerging towards IOT and business intelligence.

You can’t miss these languages, they’ll help you to enhance your skills and embrace your strengths.

1. Java– java is a widely used robust language. Java has a unique quality of having its own runtime environment known as JRE. Because of this unique quality, it can be also considered as platform. Java uses the concepts of oops, which in turn, helps in creating of web application and enterprise application.


Features of Java includes :
• write once run everywhere (platform independent)
• not a scripting language, scripting language runs inside another program.

2. Sql – Structured query language(SQL) is used for handling data in relational data management system (rdbms). Sql is a language meant for database, that includes creation of database schema, retrieval and modifications in the rows. The different databases are MySql, Sql Server, oracle ,db2 etc. There’s a voluminous amount of data in the world, sql databases are the backbone.

Features of Sql includes:
• sql allows user the privilege to create views, stored procedures and functions.
• rate of retrieval of records from database is very efficient and has high speed.

3. Js – Js is a scripting language. It is compiled but not translated(translator is embedded in browser).This is specifically used for web applications like displaying data and client side validations. Its adds interactivity to the website and it involves html and css, Html to define the web content and css to design the layout of web pages. Js is used to define the web pages behaviour.


Features of Javascript includes :
• Gives the user friendly environment to user( user has more control over browser)
•  js saves time because of validations on client side instead of server side.

4. Python – python is a high level programming language. It is used to create web applications, games and search engines also. Python is multipurpose language, it is not specific like R which is just used for statistics.The frameworks like Django used in web development. It supports automatic garbage collection, that’s biggest advantage because it helps in better utilization of memory.


Features of python includes:
• portable – python runs on variety of hardware platforms and has an interface over the platform.
• it can be used as scripting as well as programming languages.

5. R – R is a language used specifically for statistics computing. Statistical computations involves classification, regression, prediction and clustering. R has the capability of ab effective data handling and storage capabilities. It supports most of data analysis techniques such as data manipulation and statistical model.


Features of R includes :
• Visualization of data in form of charts , graphs etc.
• R has a package system that makes easy for users to add their own use cases and functionalities.