Crime Rate is tremendously increasing all over the countries across the globe.Crime Rate is defined as number of offences per 100,000 population.Dubai government come up with the solution to control the crime rate in the city.Dubai govt. introduced a robotic policemen which can easily help in identifying wanted criminals and collect evidences for the criminals.This policemen has joined the Dubai’s police force and will also guard some busy areas across the city.The government is trying to replace humans with machines because of human errors.
This is a very big and innovative step towards the technology enhancement and safety of the country,which in turn saves lives.The same robotic police men even can shake hands with the visitors and also perform a military salute.These robots can work 24/7.They won’t even ask you for a leave in any of the case.It can work around the clock.This robot is equipped with cameras and face recognition software.
It can compare faces with a police database and flag matches to headquarters. It can read vehicle licence plates and its video feed can help police watch for risks such as unattended bags in popular areas of Dubai, a financial and tourism hub.Local members can talk to the robot to report a crime or communicate using a touch screen computer on its chest.Most people are not nervous about talking to a robot and some even seem to prefer it.
We now see the new generations who are using smart devices – they love to use these kind of tools. A lot of them have seen the Robocop movie but a real time example is now in market.This demonstrates that technology is grown tremendously. This can also achieve the productivity of Dubai Police.