Space is the ultimate frontier.People usually have the dreams to go to space,but they’re not able to achieve it.Usually they dream of going to space via Rocket propulsion,but Google is one of the organisation in setting up the infrastructure to leave Earth’s atmosphere with the help of rockets.Google’s R&D Department confirmed that they are working on space elevators.Space Elevators are the another project on the Google’s agenda.The idea they put forward is to run a ribbon from Earth to a counterweight in orbit that allows easy access to space for all kinds of experimentation and other ventures also.They believe that we could have such lifts operational in less than a decade.
The question comes in mine,What is actually Space Elevator?It is essentially a cable attached to a satellite fixed in space,tens of thousands of miles above Earth.One appealing way to reduce the cost of shipping cargo and people into space is a “Space Elevator”.Emerging technologies and new technology inventions will help Google to complete this project. They are developing all its latest technologies in a secret lab known as Google X.Elevator moves up from a station in earth to outer space station.
Design Challenge of Space Elevator
A lot of design challenges are there for such new technology inventions. A large amount of strong cables are needed for the space elevator. Strong means not simply strong, it must be about 100 times stronger than the steel available in earth.New technology inventions such as carbon Nano tubes are the solution to make such stronger cables. But another problem is that no one manufactured a carbon nano tube longer than one meter.It sounds really amazing about space elevator,but there are lots of challenges behind it.The main challenge is due to gravity and centrifugal acceleration.
There is lots of physics behind these space elevators,let’s wait and watch when these Elevators will come and we can easily step down in Space.